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    What is Hymenoplasty?

    Hymenoplasty is surgery conducted to repair or rebuilt a hymen. The two most common types of procedure used in Hymenoplasty is simple Hymenoplasty or Alloplant. In simple hymenoplasty, three to seven days are taken to pull the hymen tissues together to recover the vagina. There is a low risk of infection but this type of procedure is time-limited and temporary.


    Genital Cosmetic Surgery

    Genital Cosmetic Surgery is aesthetic surgery that has to do with the alteration of the lower region of the genitals for women. Such procedures can either be performed for functional or aesthetic reasons and include procedures such as labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, or vaginoplasty.


    Preparing for Hymenoplasty

    Before going in for an operation for Hymenoplasty, a gynecology examination is performed. In preparation for Hymenoplasty, certain inflammatory drugs such as aspirin should be stopped. Smoking should also be stopped for a certain period before the surgery. 



    Alloplant is another procedure where a tear-through biomaterial is substituted as a hymen and inserted into the vagina as an implant. It only takes a few hours to complete. A reason for performing Hymenoplasty could be religious where some women whom may have had their hymen ruptured in someway, including from horse riding, falling off a bike, or other reasons but want their future husband to perceive them in their fully virgin status.



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