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    Breast Augmentation Cost - Cheap Breast Implants in Thailand

    breast agumentation, also called boob job, or breast implant surgery is very popular in ThailandThere are many reasons for pursuing breast augmentation abroad and Thailand can be one of your best options. Other than the hospitality, having an exotic vacation, Thailand’s reputation for it’s excellent sexual gender reassignment treatments, are also one of the main factors that makes Thailand a hotspot for breast enhancement procedures (boob jobs).

    Cost of Breast Augmentation in Thailand compared to US - 50-70% Cheaper

    If you are located in the US, Australia or UK, you may have to pay up to US$ 7,000-10,000 for a breast implantation. Saline implants usually cost around US$ 3600, while silicone implants cost around US$ 4,600. This does not include doctors’ fees, facility fee, and miscellaneous fees that can account to around US$ 7,000 at many plastic surgery clinics. In Thailand, a breast augmentation surgery usually cost from US$ 3,000-4,000, and sometimes as little as US$ 2,800. Even with return airfare, overnight accommodations and recovery stays in hospitals with facilities equivalent to 5-stars hotel, you would still pay less for the entire trip that you would if having the breast augmentation procedure done at home.

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    Price Comparison of Breast Enlargement in Thailand’s Hospitals in Bangkok

    Having your breast augmentation done in Thailand will always be cheaper than what you would pay in the US, Australia or the UK. However, within the country there is still price differences depending on if you do the procedure in a plastic surgery clinic or at a larger international hospital, and which surgeon you would like. The price will also depend on the types of implants that you choose and how many nights you would like to stay in the hospital/clinic after your breast surgery. Here is a short comparison of some of the leading private hospitals offering breast augmentation in Bangkok:

    Bumrungrad Hospital
    A typical smooth saline implant package with one night stay in the hospital costs around US$ 3,000. This includes operation charges, service charge, lab tests, medical equipment and implants, anesthesia, medication, and doctor fees.

    Piyavate Hospital
    The price for a breast enlargement surgery at Piyavate hospital is typically around US$ 3,000$USD for a saline implants operation and US$ 2,700 for a silicone implants operation. The price also includes medical equipment, doctors fee, airport transfer fee, and night hospitalization inclusive fee.

    Yanhee Hospital
    Yanhee Hospital has the most famous plastic surgery departments of all medical facilities in Thailand. The hospital is also known for it’s competitive prices, with breast augmentation surgery starting at US$ 2,800, including one night’s hospital stay, implants, medical equipment, medication, doctor fee and anesthesia. For more information on Yanhee Hospital, click here. To receive a FREE doctor’s consultation and evaluation from a plastic surgeon at Yanhee Hospital, click here.

    General Cost of Overnight Stays in Thailand’s Different Hospitals
    While an overnight stay can cost up to US$ 1,000 in the US per night, a one night hospital stay at an international medical center with 5 star facilities in Thailand can cost as low as US$ 195 -400. For instance, an overnight hospital stay in Piyavate hospital ranges from US$ 45 to US$ 195.

    Hotel stays can range from US$ 40 to US$ 300. Prices for room rates in Bumrungrad Hospital with 5 star facilities ranges from US$ 250 to less than US$ 500 for a VIP suite. These rooms usually support WIFI, maid services, meal services, 24/7 nursing care, and cable TV. If you do not want to stay in the hospital after your breast surgery, you can also choose to stay in a serviced apartment arranged by the hospitals with walking distance to the hospital.  

    Cost of Airfare to Thailand from Different Countries
    The airfare return trip tickets may vary from location to location but on a general basis, a round trip ticket from Singapore to Thailand costs US$ 300, US$ 81 from Australia to Thailand, and around US$ 1,150 from the US to Thailand.

    Overall Cost Savings Comparison for Breast Implants in Thailand versus the US

    In summary, the cost of a boob job in Thailand compared to the cost of breast augmentation in America can give acost savings of 50-70% depending on the airline you choose, the time of travel, the healthcare facility you choose, the hotel accommodation in Thailand and the average spending you will do on-site in Thailand. However, with saving 50-70% on the breast enhancement procedure, this money can be well spent on a relaxing holiday while in Thailand.  

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