Medical Tourism goes under the microscope

Medical tourism is yet a fairy new subject to be researched by the academic world. Many countries promoting medical, health and wellness travel currently don’t even have the right tools to calculate the number or health tourists visiting their country on a yearly basis. With the industry getting more established, this is about to change.

Global healthcare is now going under the microscope, as a York academic sets out to discover the value for money truth behind medical tourism and its impact on the British NHS. Dr. Neil Lunt from the York University Management School will lead a team of researchers that includes social scientists, health economics and clinicians.

According to Dr. Lunt, the perceived upside of patients going abroad for cheaper elective procedures, such as dental services, plastic surgery, fertility treatment and orthopaedics, is that it cuts waiting lists in the UK while boosting the economies of poorer countries. The downside is of course what happens if something goes wrong after the patient returns home and the NHS might be left to sort out any following complications.

Currently, medical tourism is manly privately funded, and the researchers will seek to establish the amount private persons are paying for it. The study will also be looking to see if people are making informed choices or being sucked into decisions by internet gossip. The latter is exactly what Novasans is trying to prevent, by acting as a complete source for information about medical tourism!

Many players in the market welcome more research about medical tourism, and Novasans will keep you updated on the findings by Dr. Neil Lunt and his team!

Medical Tourism goes under the microscope
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