Promes Sanità attains Novasans Dental Travel Excellence Award 2011/2012

Winning Dentist Promes Sanità in Milan, ItalyNovasans is proud to announce the first winner of the prestigious Novasans Dental Travel Excellence Award. The award is bestowed to one of Italy’s leading dental and plastic surgery centers; Promes Sanità in Milan, on the following grounds;

Italian dental clinic Promes Sanità is appointed the Novasans Dental Travel Excellence Award based on their innovative service management approach combining medical knowledge, skills, and professionalism. Promes Sanità’s state-of-the-art facilities adhere to the highest level of technical standards while using the most advanced equipment.  Additionally, Promes Sanità offers multi-disciplinary healthcare solutions for the entire family along with international patient services. Their strive for comprehensiveness, perceived in services such as a website offered in Italian, English, Russian, and Chinese, strict quality systems, and a wide array of treatment packages, makes Promes Sanità a most worthy winner.

CEO of the dental clinic Promes Sanità in Milan, ItalyThe CEO of Promes Sanità,  Nicolò Iachino, is happy to receive this award on behalf of his organization and says “I would like to say that I am proud that Novasans has decided to felicitate me with The Dental Travel Excellence Award 2011/2012. I would also like to congratulate my fellow recipients of the award – Dr. Giorgio Cresti the dental coordinator, and our client manager Mrs Milena Barletta – and laud them for their excellent and inspiring work that they have done in this field. Finally, I would once again like to thank Novasans Ltd and the Managing Director Ms Victoria Svederberg for honoring me with this award and would like to sincerely thank all the Healthcare entrepreneurs, the Italian Healthcare Community, the doctors, the Promes Staff, the insurance companies, all our suppliers, and the talented people who helped us in this exciting and rewarding journey to reach the excellent service to all our patients this year and we fully intend to continuously improve it.

The Novasans Dental Travel Excellence Award was initiated to acclaim and distinguish the foremost dental tourism providers worldwide, in order for patients to make informed and secure choices before traveling abroad for dental treatment. For more information about the award, click here.

Promes Sanità attains Novasans Dental Travel Excellence Award 2011/2012
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