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    Cancer Treatment (Oncology) Abroad - Hospital Guide and Medical Tourism Facilities in Japan

    Hospitals, clinics and medical centers offering Cancer Treatment (Oncology) to international patients. Browse by city:
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    • All Cancer Treatment (Oncology) providers in Japan
    • Hokkaido University Hospital
      Hokkaido University Hospital

      This university hospital's mission is to provide safe and reliable medical care. Theh hospital has medical centers...
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    • Kameda Medical Center
      Kameda Medical Center

      Kameda General Hospitals a private hospital and core facility of the Kameda Medical Center Group. With 31...
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      Accreditations: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Joint Comission International (JCI)

    Cancer Treatment (Oncology)

    Cancer Treatment (Oncology)
    Cancer begins when cells in a part of the body starts growing out of control and invading other tissues. The most common cancer treatments, also called oncology, are surgical oncology, laser surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
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