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    Eye Surgery Abroad - Hospital Guide and Medical Tourism Facilities in United Kingdom

    Hospitals, clinics and medical centers offering Eye Surgery to international patients. Browse by city:
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    • All Eye Surgery providers in United Kingdom
    • EuroMedical Tours
      EuroMedical Tours

      This medical tour operator is a healthcare management and patient advocacy service based in the UK. With a network of...
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    • Globe Health Tours
      Globe Health Tours

      This medical tour operator is a UK based company established by medical professionals to help people with medical...
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    • Med de Tour
      Med de Tour

      This medical tour operator helps patients seek the best medical treatment in India and at the best hospitals at...
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    • Operations Abroad Worldwide
      Operations Abroad Worldwide

      This medical tour operator offers a full range of medical procedures, including orthopedic operations such as knee...
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    • Red Sun Global
      Red Sun Global

      This medical tour operator gives patients the best solutions to their medical problems focusing on medical providers...
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    • St George's Healthcare NHS
      St George's Healthcare NHS

      This hospital is one of London's leading teaching hospitals with an international reputation for quality of care and...
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    • Statmedica UK Ltd.
      Statmedica UK Ltd.

      This medical tour operator is the most comprehensive source of information dedicated exclusively to the Private...
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    Eye Surgery

    Eye Surgery
    Eye Surgery is the use of surgery to perform corrections on the eyes including vision correction. Two of the most popular methods are PRK and LASIK, which are laser eye surgery. Others are vitreo-retinal surgery, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery.
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