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    General Health Check Up Abroad - Hospital Guide and Medical Tourism Facilities in United States

    Hospitals, clinics and medical centers offering General Health Check Up to international patients. Browse by city:
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    • All General Health Check Up providers in United States
    • Cleveland Clinic
      Cleveland Clinic
      Ohio , Cleveland

      Cleveland Clinic has earned a standing as one of the world’s most revered hospitals. With more than 2,000 salaried...
    • Axiom Health Solutions
      Axiom Health Solutions
      Maryland , Kensington

      This medical tour operator believes in people caring for people with the best quality services available in the...
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    • BridgeHealth International
      BridgeHealth International
      Colorado , Greenwood Village

      This medical tour operator is connected with both medical tour providers in and outside of the U.S. They have a...
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    • Children's Hospital Boston
      Children's Hospital Boston
      Massachusetts , Boston

      This children's hospital in Boston is a comprehensive center for pediatric health care and one of the largest...
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    • Global Med Network
      Global Med Network
      Michigan , Garden City

      This medical tour operator is a global healthcare service provider and medical tourism specialist for accessing safe,...
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    • IndUShealth Inc.
      IndUShealth Inc.
      North Carolina

      This medical tour operator is a leading provider of medical travel and medical tourism related programs to...
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    • International Medical Resources
      International Medical Resources
      Maryland , Columbia

      This medical tour operator operates in Thailand and is based in the US. They are medical professionals with...
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      Accreditations: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Joint Comission International (JCI)
    • MedRetreat
      Illinois , Vernon Hills

      This medical tour operator is America's most trusted medical tourism company facilitating the healthcare needs of...
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    • Navigate Global Health
      Navigate Global Health
      Vermont , Williston

      This medical tour operator offers medical travel package with high quality value based medical options. Their health...
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    • New Medical Horizons Inc.
      New Medical Horizons Inc.
      New York , New york

      This medical tour operator based in New York has a vision of improving lives by offering affordable, high-quality,...
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    General Health Check Up

    General Health Check Up
    A health check, also called a physical examination or a wellness check up, is a routine examination usually done annually or once every two to three years with a recommendation of once every five years as a method of analyzing the body's current condition.
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    Speakers to MediTour Expo in Las Vegas Confirmed

    Speakers to MediTour Expo in Las Vegas Confirmed
    The upcoming medical tourism exposition MediTour Expo can now announce its list of speakers. The event will be held May 6-8 2012 at the Flamingo Hotel and Casiono in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference will include presentations by some of medical touirsm and global health's most influential leaders, and will address topics vital to the industry and its development.
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