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    • Medical Tourism Statistics and Facts

      Medical tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Medical travel statistics and facts can be thorny, as many medical travel numbers have been elevated for organizations and industry players to invest in the market.
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    • Pricing Guide Plastic Surgery

      Before deciding where to go for your plastic surgery procedure, it is important to compare costs for different countries. With this price guide to cosmetic surgery, you will find the cheapest and most expensive destinations for various aesthetics procedures, and the price ranges within. Through applying this guide to your own budget, your travel decision will become much easier.
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    • Pricing Guide Dental Treatments

      Through this pricing guide och price comparison, Novasans gives you the possibility to compare the price of dental treatments in different countries. This way, you can easily find how much money you will save by having your dental procedure done in for instance Thailand instead of your home country.
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    • Pricing Guide Medical Treatments

      The price of your medical treatment might be one of the most important criteria when choosing to travel to another country for surgery. Through this guide you will find a good indication as to the price level of various medical treatments, such as hip replacement, gastric bypass and prostate surgery, before you make the decision of where to travel.
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    • Why Is International Healthcare Accreditation Important?

      With the globalization of healthcare, international accreditations and certifications are getting more and more important. We will take a look at why these are necessary.
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    • Choose the right Provider for You

      How to choose the right hospital, clinic, spa or medical travel agent when going on a medical tourism trip for healthcare or surgery, plastic surgery or dental treatment abroad.
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    • Choose the right Medical Tourism Location

      When choosing the right destination for treatment abroad there are many things to consider. With the vast range of possibilities, you must define which concerns are most important to you when deciding upon country and city.
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    • Considerations before going abroad for healthcare

      What to consider before booking a medical tourism trip and going abroad for medical treatment, healthcare, dental treatment and plastic surgery.
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    • Benefits with Medical Tourism

      The benefits with global healthcare, medical travel, developments in patient safety & advanced technology have increased the urge for medical tourism in the recent years
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    • History of Medical Tourism

      Traveling across borders for health and wellness purposes is not a new invention. People have been practicing medical tourism and healthcare travel for thousands of years.
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