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    Bon Secours Health System

    Dublin, Ireland Accreditations
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    Fast Facts of Bon Secours Health System

    Rooms 2 Yearly Patients 3 Doctors 4 Beds 5

    Amenities of Bon Secours Health System

    • Accommodation
    • Family members arrangements
    • Financing available
    • Food services
    • Internet
    • Personal guide available
    • Phone in rooms
    • Private nurse available
    • Private Rooms
    • Recovery facilities
    • Transportation service

    The Bon Secours Health System is the largest private healthcare provider in Ireland.  Built on an ethos of quality care and compassion, it provides world-class medical treatment, delivered in a uniquely caring environment.  It has some of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the country located in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Tralee and the Mount Desert Care Village, Cork.

    The Bon Secour Dublin is a private, elective acute-care facility renowned for the quality of its service provision. It was the first hospital in Ireland to receive formal Quality Accreditation by Joint Commission International and is currently accredited until 2011 with a comprehensive range of ancillary diagnostic, treatment and support services.

    Specialization of Bon Secours Health System

    • Cardiology
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Nursing
    • Pathology
    • Physiotherapy
    • Respiratory
    • Nutrition & Dietetics
    • Dental Surgery
    • Urology
    • Uro-Dynamics
    • Sleep Lab
    • Vascular Surgery
    • Gerontology
    • Endocrinology
    • Hearing Aid Service, Dexa Scan
    • Nephrology
    • Palliative Care


    History of Bon Secours Health System

    This healthcare facility that is a part of the Bon Secour Healthcare System has established a strong presence in the provision of acute healthcare in Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries when the sisters of Bon Secours decided to set up the Bon Secours Health System as a limited company to organize and manage the running of the five Hospitals in the group. The Bon Secours Health System was established in 1993 to co-ordinate the management of five hospitals under the care of the Bon Secours sisters.

    The first twelve Sisters of Bon Secours joined together over more than 185 years ago to care for the physical and spiritual needs, especially those who are poor, the sick and the dying.

    In the past, the work of the Sisters of Bon Secours was primarily carried out by religious sisters but now they have expanded their Bon Secours family to include associates, co-workers, and people from other religious and community organizations who are working towards the goals and values we share.

    Vision of Bon Secours Health System

    The hospital believes in charism as a living spirit that evolves, as people’s needs change.  Over the years, they have broadened their scope and reached from providing care in the homes of the sick and dying, to working in the wider community.

    The hospital's mission is to reveal God’s healing love to all they meet through trying to alleviate human suffering while acknowledging its redemptive value. They respect the wholeness of each person, especially the more needy, seeing Christ in those they serve, and seek to demonstrate His compassion through warmth and hospitality, simplicity and courage. The Sisters of Bon Secours see ‘healing’ as a way of helping people become ‘whole’ physically, spiritually, psychologically, socially, materially and intellectually.