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    Novasans Introduces Live Chat

    Live chat with Novasans, the leading guide for medical tourismWith more patients inclined to go abroad for medical treatments, surgery, plastic surgery and dental work, the need for information is growing. To support patients from around the world looking for procedures, Novasans has now established a LIVE CHAT, to accommodate patients with instant answers and information before making the decision to travel abroad for healthcare.

    How to live chat with Novasans

    The live chat functionality is easily found in the upper right corner on the Novasans website. When clicking on the chat icon, a chat window will instantly open up from which the patient can chat directly with Novasans' customer service representatives, which will answer all the patient's questions and assist in finding the most suitable hospital, clinic, doctor or wellness center across the world.

    Instant answers

    Through the live chat, patients will receive immediate answers to all their medical tourism questions. Novasans' customer representatives will guide the patient to the best hospital and clinic at the preferred destination, suitable hotels and tours along with guidance for VISA and other travel inquiries. Our customer service representatives are only a chat away.

    Novasans' Service Team

    The live chat is managed by Novasans’ Customer Service Manager Kareena and her service team. Kareena is an expert in overseas healthcare and can direct all patients to world-class treatment options and travel advice. For more information about Kareena, or the live chat, click on the chat icon in the upper right corner on each page of the Novasans website.



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