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    Inje University Paik Hospital

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    Fast Facts of Inje University Paik Hospital

    Established 1932 Employees 1,500 Yearly Patients 2,500,000 Doctors 450 Beds 2,800

    Amenities of Inje University Paik Hospital

    • Accommodation
    • Family members arrangements
    • Financing available
    • Food services
    • Internet
    • Personal guide available
    • Phone in rooms
    • Private nurse available
    • Private Rooms
    • Recovery facilities
    • Transportation service

    Inje University Paik Hospital is a chain of five hospitals together making it one of South Korea's main medical provider. Each year, the five facilities serves 2,5 million patients. 


    Inje Universtiy Paik Hospital's branches and medical facilities

    • Seoul-Paik
    • Busan-Paik
    • Sanggye-Paik
    • Ilsan-Paik
    • Dongnae-Paik

    Specialization of Inje University Paik Hospital

    Paik Hospitals are teaching university hospitals, which offer high quality medical service to the public. In accordance with local needs and each hospital's situation, Inje University's Paik Hospitals are currently establishing state-of-the art medical care systems across South Korea. In addition, the Paik Hospitals participate in both domestic and international scientific research, study and training as well as sharing and acquiring medical technology.


    Specialized Centers at Inje University Paik Hospitals

    • Trauma center
    • Living Donor Liver Transplantation Center
    • Robot Surgery Center
    • Specialized Medical Service at Inje University Paik Hospital
    • Cancer Center
    • Cerebrovascular Center
    • Cardiovascular Center
    • Digestion Center
    • Epilepsy Center
    • Stem Cell Transplantation
    • Spinal Center

    History of Inje University Paik Hospital

    Inje University's Paik Hospital was opened by Dr. Inje Paik, a pioneer of Korea's academic and surgical world, in Jeo-Dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul in 1932. In 1946, through a donation of his estate, Dr. Inje Paik established the first non-profit organization of its kind in Korea and created the corner stone of today's Inje University and Paik Hospitals.