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    Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Abroad - Hospital Guide and Medical Tourism Facilities in Germany

    Hospitals, clinics and medical centers offering Stem Cell and Gene Therapy to international patients. Browse by city:
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    • All Stem Cell and Gene Therapy providers in Germany
    • TheraFresh

      This clinic in Germany offers Fresh Cell Therapy on the highest level. They focus on competence, safety and...
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    Stem Cell & Gene Therapy

    Stem Cell & Gene Therapy
    Stem cells, unlike other cell types, are unspecialized cells that can use cell division to renew themselves even after long periods of not being active and under certain conditions, can become tissue or organ-specific cells developed to perform certain functions and can develop into many different types of the cell.
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    Medical Tourism in Germany

    Medical Tourism in Germany
      Due to its spas and thermal baths, Germany has an old tradition of medical travellers visiting the country. Today, it is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in Europe. Currently, between 450,000 and 500,000 tourists visit Germany annually for some kind of health...
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