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    Istanbul, Turkey
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    Amenities of Alman Hastanesi

    • Accommodation
    • Family members arrangements
    • Financing available
    • Food services
    • Internet
    • Personal guide available
    • Phone in rooms
    • Private nurse available
    • Private Rooms
    • Recovery facilities
    • Transportation service

    Universal Hospitals Group is one of the largest private healthcare networks in Turkey operating at 7 different cities with its 12 general purpose and branch (oncology) hospitals. The hospitals have a total of 1,370 beds at a closed space area of 170,000m2. The Group's first hospital was inaugurated in Istanbul in 1976; it was then the most modern diagnostic center of Turkey. Keen interest at quality healthcare continued since then turning the Group into a giant network offering services at internationally accredited standards like JCI, ISO and TUV certifications.